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Matthew Clenton

Starting out his working career as an apprentice bus builder and mechanic, Matt’s love of large machinery has never waned. Now the Technical Director for Landpac Asia Pacific, Matt has over 18 years of experience and knowledge to offer.


Matt started out with Landpac in 2005 as one of our fitters. Of course, it wasn’t that simple “back in my day… or so the story goes,” fitters were a jack of all trades and did a bit of equipment operation, hand surveying with lasers and even customer relationship management. This held Matt in good stead for his supervisory roles, which led to Operations Manager and later Managing Director in 2017, with the sudden passing of Kevin McCann (Landpac Australia’s founding director).


It was a difficult time, however, the steadfast support and collaborative working relationship of Karen Vincent, helped Matt immensely through the tough times after Kevin’s passing. Of course, another key partnership in our team is the one Matt has with Simon Dix. In Matt’s own words, “Simon has been a great help especially in Singapore, while the newer, younger employees bring a vitality and fun-loving attitude that makes working at Landpac easy.”


In 2021, Conplant acquired Landpac Asia Pacific and Matt took on his current role as Technical Director. Now he spends his days working from our Sydney Head Office while heading to Seal Rocks any chance he gets to chase the snapper with his brother.   

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