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Simon Dix

Heading up our Singapore division, Simon Dix is the go-to guy for all things HEIC, dredging, geotechnical engineering and so much more! His wealth of knowledge comes from a career spanning the last two decades across multiple continents.


Starting out with Landpac UK and a handshake from a mate, Simon started his working days as an equipment operator. But with his love of exploring and understanding the mechanics behind the operations, it didn’t take long for his expertise to shine through, and to be fast-tracked down the management pathway.  


Simon has very fond memories of forming a close relationship with Landpac Australia’s founding director, Kevin McCann and his family. Often spending time with them when he was working in the country. Not to overshadow these memories though, Simon is grateful for the opportunity to have seen a lot of the world as part of the Landpac team. Globetrotting from the UK to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and now Singapore, is it any wonder he has developed a love of the outdoors and sports.


In Singapore, Simon has risen to the challenge of training his team to do things safer, whilst investing in their education and careers to help them well into the future. However, with childhood aspirations of owning a wild-life camp in Africa should we expect anything less from this kite surfing, four-wheel driving, camping man? 

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